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This page is updated periodically. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Getting Started

How do I set up a meet & greet?

The meet & greet is a great time for your dogs to get to know me, review their needs, discuss access and other important notes, and more. To schedule, you can book through Calendly or contact me directly via (508) 838-9353 or


What are your qualifications?

I have 19 years of experience working, volunteering, and attending trainings related to canines, including in-home pet care, dog daycare management, and fostering for rescue organizations. I am American Red Cross Pet First Aid & CPR certified, pet sitter certified through the National Association of Professional Petsitters (NAPPS), and a supporting member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). In an effort to best serve my canine clients, I have also received training through certified reward-based trainers and veterinary behaviorists on a number of topics such as canine enrichment, body language and group dynamics, fear, reactivity, and leash handling. 


Are you insured and bonded?

Yes! At Your Dog’s Service is fully insured and bonded through Pet Sitter Associates. I am happy to provide a copy of my insurance certificate upon request.



Some of your services say “evaluation required,” what does that mean?

My job is to set everyone up for success! For services where your dog will be socializing with other dogs, after we have our meet & greet, I will need to observe them with another dog before introducing them to a group. This will be scheduled as the type of service you’re looking for but may be at a slightly different time to accommodate a one-on-one or smaller group that will serve as an evaluation. If your pup doesn’t sail through, that is okay! Some dogs are most comfortable having their walk to themselves or we may be able to implement intermediate steps to increase their comfortability and help them learn to thrive with a small group of friends.




What happens if my pet has an emergency?

With training and attentiveness, we hope to never be in this position. However, should a medical incident arise with your pet, I will make every attempt to reach you, any co-owner listed and, if needed, your emergency contacts promptly. I will follow instructions provided in your profile and veterinary release to obtain care for your pet.


What if my dog needs medications or a lunch during a visit?

I’m happy to administer medications, kongs, etc.! Please be specific in the additional notes section of your visit request or, if it is a regular occurence, in the Pets section of your profile. 

Time to Pet Software

 What is it?

As a client, you will set up a profile through Time to Pet. Time to Pet is a secure, one-stop-shop software where your & your pet’s information will be stored, electronic payments can be made, we can message one another, and where you submit scheduling requests. Time to Pet has a great Client Portal that covers a lot of common questions: I am always happy to assist as well, should you have any questions.

How do I set up an account on Time to Pet?

You can set up your profile through this link:

Setting up your profile may take 10-20 minutes. I ask a series of questions to ensure I am as consistent as possible with their daily routine, cues, etc. You’ll also have the option of downloading the app.

How will I know that my dog has been walked?

Another perk of Time to Pet is visit summaries. I will always check in when your pet’s visit begins. You will always receive a summary but the check out time may be delayed due to some current issues with Time to Pet’s wifi requirements for photo sharing. Please reach out to me if you need additional info. 




How do I schedule services?

Service requests are placed through Time to Pet and I review them as quickly as possible. Here is a how-to link: You’ll receive a notification when requests are approved or if further details are needed. If you ever experience issues or have questions, I can be reached at (508) 838-9353  or

What is your cancellation policy?

At Your Dog's Service reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the scheduled visits for services canceled after 9:00PM (EST) the evening prior to the scheduled service. 

In the event of an emergency on my end, I will contact all affected clients as quickly as possible. Every attempt will be made to modify a visit in lieu of cancellation, if preferred, and refunds will be provided for cancellations. I also post my holiday schedule on Time to Pet and if adjustments are made, clients will be notified a minimum of four weeks in advance. 

What about inclement weather?

Weather happens! We are out rain or shine.  I keep towels in my vehicle for a quick dry on wet weather days (or impromptu swims!) but I also encourage guardians to leave one out for a post-adventure dry off. I


n the event of extreme conditions, At Your Dog’s Service reserves the right to modify the nature of the visit as needed to maintain your pet’s safety and enjoyment. 


In the event of a snowstorm, I will check in with affected clients once the storm is forecasted. A good rule of thumb is if area schools are closed, AtYDS services will be suspended for the day.

What are your hours?

Visits are generally between 8:00AM and 7:00PM. Office hours are 8:00AM - 8:00PM. Please note that At Your Dog’s Service does not provide overnight care. Clients can view our operating schedule in Time to Pet under "My Information: Documents." 


How do I pay for services?

You will receive an invoice through Time to Pet. At Your Dog’s Service accepts cash, check, and debit/credit. Debit/credit card payments are processed through Time to Pet and can be automatic, if preferred. Time to Pet also accepts GooglePay and Apple Pay. 

My invoice has space for a tip, is that standard?

The invoice layout is created by Time to Pet and the tip option is built in. Tips are never expected but deeply appreciated! 




I still have questions. How can I get them answered?

I’m happy to assist! I can be reached at (508) 838-9353 and

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