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What to Expect 

Getting Started:

Getting started is a two step process:

  • Meet & Greet

  • Create a Time to Pet account


Before your dog and I can hit the trails together, we need to have a complimentary meet & greet. Meetings usually around 45 minutes and we will go through entry instructions; policies; services you're interested in; you pet's physical, behavioral, and training needs; and personality. If you are currently working on a training plan, now is the time to chat about how I can support that! Schedule a meet & greet here or by calling

(508) 838-9353.

At Your Dog's Service uses Time To Pet software for all things client info. With a Time to Pet account, you can create and edit your profile, request services, and add payment methods all in one place. You will be asked to create your profile prior to our meet & greet so that, if either of us has questions about any of the information provided, we can chat about it at that time. If you want to get a head start, click here.

In order to set your pet(s) up for success and fun, if your dog is anxious, fearful, or reactive, we will spend more of the first few sessions building trust than out walking. This will be through active games and other positive-based methods in your home and/or yard.

With each visit:  

In addition to having a super fun walk, run, or playtime, I will always:

  • provide pictures and a visit summary

  • top off water 

  • administer any meal, treats, or meds requested

  • leave your home as I found it

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